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  • Mini (re) Treat September 2022
    Multiple Dates
    Fri, 02 Sept
    Do you feel a bit anxious or overwhelmed? Do you need some time to reconnect with yourself? Join us for this Mini Mountain (re) Treat to help; release, restore, rebalance & reconnect with joy in every cell within you.
  • Madeira Renewal Retreat March 2023
    Sat, 04 Mar
    Sustainability Retreat, how the practice of ayurveda, yoga and permaculture can help you live the sustainable life you long to live. Set on the beautiful Portuguese Island Madeira. Enjoy daily movement practices as well as talks, & delicious vegan meals.


by Fiona Bell

owner of  Their Nibs,  London

"I am not a super experienced yoga person- I really enjoyed all the classes. Samira really helped with the poses and I have left feeling it’s benefitted me so much I would love to practise more in my everyday life. I loved the gorgeous hikes and amazing views.

Samira is a rare breed in her world of not taking herself too seriously even though she is an amazing calm and non-judgemental teacher (so important if one is unsure of  some of  the yoga poses!)


This makes her so much more real and her knowledge of her craft is wide/meaningful and so well researched.

From the moment we had our first class on arrival I started to unwind my knotted exhausted body and mind-the first meal that evening was a delicious veggie soup all so well thought through even down to the healthy sweet treats at the end. This was the first of many delicious and healthy meals.

The hikes were exhilarating and the views beautiful- Samira has an in-depth knowledge of the local area and took us on the best hikes!!

All in all I just could not recommend this retreat more – I arrived feeling frazzled and mentally exhausted- I am leaving feeling light mentally focussed and so rested.."


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