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About my teachings...

Life is full of ups and downs. We start our days full of great expectations and promises to ourselves, but the day can easily fill itself with disappointments. Today I feel like giving you my version of a truth that works for me and it includes yoga as it was the one thing that had the most profound effect on me: Yoga is first and foremost about change. It can be a small change, such as finding that you're back feels more free after your practice. But it can also be big change, like a mind altering expansion in consciousness. Yoga can lead to transformation on all different levels.... We are moulding and sculpting our physical bodies so that our bodies become strong and resilient, yet pliable and flexible, less subject to injuries and having more proprioceptive awareness so that we can move through life sure footed and whole hearted. We can also find a kind of stillness in the physical body even when we are moving. We know our body moves regardless of whether we make it move; our heart pumps blood around our circulatory system; we breathe into the capillaries of the lungs; we digest food and other impressions through our gut; our body can shut down some systems that it doesn't need at that moment when it's preparing for a fight or to flight. Like when we would have had to run for our lives from the sabre tooth tiger that was coming for us. It can also do that when we experience stress, even in the form of an email or text message. I would be tempted to say our body is more intelligent than we even give it credit, in a world so obsessed with knowing more and learning, we forget that our body is a whole entire universe and that it is more intelligent than a lot of us. Sometimes we would be wise to step out of our mind and into our body, so that we can really experience and witness this huge and powerful element that is far from mechanical and unlike our mind, it is alive and it is subject to change and transformation if we let it and if we allow that yin/ yang energy to flow. Having a growing sense of acceptance for what is, instead of needing our life to to be this or that, conforming to, fitting in with or even down to whatever name we like to give ourselves, to make ourselves feel important, to fit in with whatever idealisms we have acquired. Perhaps we would be wise to learn to go with the flow of life, rather than fighting it. Life will continue spinning. It will continue to throw things at us, from all directions and either we learn from those experiences and we decide to grow with that or we just keep on fighting against it, worrying about every little thing that we can worry about and holding on for dear life to our hamster wheel, locked in, caged up. Definitely no change. If you haven't got a mountain to climb, then I say roll out a mat /or take some steps out into nature and change your perspective on life and on yourself. See for yourself how you truly unique and amazing you are, a living breathing Universe.

My philosophy

Yoga should be a creative exploration of movement and breath that closely follow each others footsteps. From movement we enter and submerge into stillness, these two forces should be married to each other, yet most of us really struggle to find this balance in our day to day lives. Yoga gives the opportunity to connect to both these energies.

Love, Samira x

PS if you would like to climb a mountain with me, join me for a mountain get away here in Engelberg nestled in the Swiss Alps!!

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