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face the storm

Life has the potential to be like a massive storm, throwing us all over the place, aimlessly twirling through the acts of this play called life.

Sometimes we prepare for the storm, sometimes we avoid the storm and other times we might be faced with the storm;

Life, like an actual storm, is not always predictable, therefore it may help to have your storm kit at hand for whenever shit hits the fan.

You can let the storm rule your life or you try to take control of the storm and make the necessary changes so that you have a chance of surviving.


There are going to be times when we need to seek shelter from the storm by clambering back into our burrows or boats, keeping ourselves small in the act called survival. Staying invisible & keeping the peace, might be the only safe option known to us.

There are times we are able to walk away from the storm, knowing that the storm will hurt us eventually, getting out of its way before it can do its damage. This might mean getting over ourselves + our ego's in order to create a space to grow from.

Walking away can be the scariest thing to do if you don't have the right tools and even with the tools it was the hardest decision I have ever had to make; lonely yet liberating, learning to stand on my own two feet again, going against the grain of all that I was taught in our somewhat religious societies, stick with it no matter what, but what if your foot has outgrown the shoe, do you keep wearing the same shoe?

Perhaps there comes a time when the bravest thing you do is face your storm; confront what you have been avoiding; uncomfortable & terrifying for us in our Western bubble so used to our plasters and quick fixes. Having the guts to have those deep + meaningful discussions so that you can communicate your truth, wether it will be received is another question and based on that you decide to stay and work through it or go and put your most comfiest boots on and walk away.

We all get dealt a shit hand at one point or another. Either we choose to learn from it + keep growing, no matter the hand or we stay small climb back into safety and wait for the storm to pass. From a young age I learned resilience, my coping mechanism became dissociation; I switched off, physically there, mentally not. I let myself become the good girl; eager to please everyone but herself, because as long as she was able to make sure everyone else was ok, there was not much to fear.

Because of the hand I was given, I educated myself enough to know how to handle a storm. I try to avoid a real life nature storm the dangerous ones best I can, but I can easily read an invisible emotional one, another skill acquired from traumatic life events. And all of those lessons + skills acquired, I have amalgamated and blended into becoming my work. Here to facilitate you best I can from a place of understanding, intuition + compassion. I may not have the answers to your questions, but I am here to listen and share the movement + meditation skills that I've found so useful in working through mine, helping you make your own shit-storms less scary, learning to lean into the unknown.

Quickest way to get yourself back into your body is lying on your back hands on belly, bringing your minds eye to the space between the pelvis + the ribcage then try to breathe into the spaces in between. Notice your belly expanding & contracting. Experience and feel, without any expectation.

"Sisters & Brothers keep expanding into + riding this crazy life wave; Face the storms, for they too shall pass."

// unique offerings //

bespoke 1:1 day retreats, which include;

  • morning mindful movement, meditation & massage workshop 2 hours

  • walk + talk

  • lunch


  • walk + talk

  • afternoon restorative yoga, meditation & massage session 2 hours

  • dinner

Both will include probing questions to help you journal your way through the areas in your life where you feel stuck and a reiki massage treatment to undo and unravel those tight areas in your physical body.

I have online offerings also if you can't afford to make your way to the Swiss Alps to help you brave the storms in your own unique way; as always through movement, breath, meditation & journaling; if you’re interested in expanding your toolbox, in person or online.

Leave me a note in the comments or send me a PM.

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