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Aren't we human beings?

How is it that we are so busy doing, that we rarely take time to actually be?

Have we completely forgotten just to "be" every now and again? Are we not human-beings? (Candace Pert asks in her book Molecules of Emotion). This led me to think what it means to me, to be? As a female yoga entrepreneur, with kids and a husband, it is sometimes very difficult to find time to be. That's why we decided very last minute to go to the UK and do what we love, camping. We managed to drive a car for a friend of ours back to London, where we stayed a night and swapped car. Jumped in our beloved surf bus the Bongo and went on a road trip. We went to Devon via Oxfordshire and onto the rugged West coast of Wales for a big surfing/ camping adventure. When I say surfing, I mean to say that we try to surf.... We are by no means experts, but just love the feeling of being in the salty water and catching some rolling waves and seeing what happens. It is inspiring and humbling at the same time, it is intense and terrifying at times and it is hugely energising and meditative... It makes me feel alive, whole and complete, a human being, rather than just doing. There are many different ways to get back to what we are at core-level. 

What's yours? For me personally as a movement person I still find I can loose myself in dancing, time stands still “Im in a still-spin” as my fellow yogini Annabelle would say, a place where I can let go of personality and leave all the daily worries and fears behind, especially during these strange and turbulent Covid19 times. I also get to that place of still-spin by doing my yoga practice. I don't practice every day, but when I do I just feel so much better for it. I should explain that by yoga I don't mean strictly just yoga, I do core strengthening pilates based mat exercises, as well as some fascia releasing techniques and my favourite yoga poses that help me open without stretching.

Yoga helps me to loosen my thoughts and it helps me to let go of that which I need to learn to let go of. This in turn leads to me to feel more connected and less all over the place. A little sacred moment of inner realisation, of connecting back to who I am, not letting my mind take over with thoughts of self doubt and/ or loosing sight of what I am required to do. Yoga was originally developed to help the body sit still for very long periods at a time. Time is a precious thing a luxury that a lot of us don’t have. But there is hope, it has been proven that taking time out a little walk or time out in a garden and or even sitting for short amounts of time (like 5-15 min per day) will give the body massive amounts of benefits. It's like resetting your inner clock, boosting your nervous- and immune system. Giving your nervous system a chance to reset itself, will in turn lead to better health and create a greater sense of well-being on all levels. It might also lead to you feel better about yourself, perhaps feeling less self-conscious, less stressed out, less tired and emotional and hopefully you will be able to see the beautiful person you truly are. Let's see what it is like to be human-beings, without all the heavy luggage we carry with us, giving yourself the chance to truly be, in full glory, as nature had it intended for you.

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