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Hilma af Klint is a beautiful artist who’s works I wasn’t familiar with at all until yesterday when I took my familiy for a day out in Hyde Park and to the Serpentine gallery. We saw a stunning exhibition on “painting the unseen”, a series of paintings by Swedish artist (1862-1944). 

“The paintings are influenced and expressed by signs and symbols drawn from her engagement with contemporary science and esoteric religious philosophies and from the discovery of electromagnetic waves to the spiritual teachings of anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner. 

Af Klint’s paintings have only just begun te receive their due attention. She chose not to show her abstract works publicly during her lifetime. She extended this wish into death, her will stipulating that the paintings should not be seen for 20 years after she died.” ~Julia Peyton-Jones

I must say I was overcome by a huge surge of expansion and stillness. Her paintings are not only beautiful, they also transmit higher knowledge. Knowledge of nature, knowledge of sacred geometry, knowledge of union. Af Kint’s art, although I have never come across them before in my life, feel incredibly familiar. Like I’ve come face to face with a part of my past. The paintings are breathtaking, they are emotional and raw, but they invite stillness. 

They are a meditation. 

They remind me of ancient old traditions. There is yin~yang, ida~pingala, there are elements of archetypal behaviours that spring to mind through this beautiful work. It is precious. It tells us, that beyond all that we believe ourselves to be, beyond all of it, we are whole and complete. We are one, we are sacred. It is yoga at it’s highest order. I am deeply touched, by how humble she was to not want to show these works in public, not to take credit for them until 20 years after her death. wow. Perhaps she felt the world was not ready to see them. But we are ready now, Hilma Af Klint !!! This works invites connection to our deeper selves, to our essence, to our inner yogis. It invites us also to be with nature, to study it and to live by it.

“If our essence is truly spiritual omnipresence, then perhaps the “point” of our being “here” is to recognise the oneness we share, validating all “individuals” as equally precious and sacred aspects of that one.” ~ Bruce Rawles -

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