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⁣“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing there is a field. I‘ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.“


If I want to continue enjoying Mother Nature, her beauty and all that she stands for, I need to listen to her wisdom too. She is the active and the passive force, but she also holds something else in her field of force and energy.

I have a lot to learn and it is easy to get caught up in overwhelm, fear, anger and blame, especially when it comes to the topic of climate change. But even if I only did one thing today and that is to become a slightly more conscious human, with slightly more awareness of my actions and reactions, than the world might already become a tiny bit of a better place.

For sure it’s not enough to save this beautiful planet but it is better than feeling stuck and overwhelmed.

Learning to be more present. Learning to listen to the things that matter. Learning to be heard. Learning to react when it is truly required. Learning not to waste. Learning to be resourceful. Learning to learn the lessons out there. Learning not to turn a blind eye. Learning to help those who need help, but not those we feel need our help.

Learn to advise only when asked for advice.

Learning to give. Learning to take what is given. Learning to give what we can spare.

Learning to love. Learning to be loved.

If we did it collectively we can actually get stuff done. There are plenty of people out there devoting much of their time researching and coming up with new idea's putting new systems in place; innovation & science growing everyday. Unfortunately you know as well as I do that I am barking up the wrong tree here.

There are plenty of people who are not prepared to change, who are not willing to look at their behaviour, who might be scared to loose the good life they've had, or who simply are too caught up in bad business. My dear friend has recently changed her career to become a humanitarian & sustainable development scientist. I'm really proud of her and she has really prompted me to start this conversation. Doing this truthfully, authentically in true Samira style so that you and I can contemplate what small or big contribution we can make to this cause, it's effect on us and the effect it will impose on children, doing more research, reading more articles and talking among friends and family.

She says, even if you only inspire one other person to start this brave conversation about our climate crisis then it's worth it. Doing it together will create more of an impact, but it is enough to start as an individual, to become a climate activist.

You will be doing your small part to get the ball rolling.

You'll feel less useless.

Could I come up with new ways of respecting her (Mother Nature) as well as myself, so that the benefits are not just one sided? So I am not constantly moving from wanting to not wanting, from likes to dislikes?

Innerwork can be done at any time, all you need is yourself; in whatever shape, colour or sexual preference that body of yours comes in, whether you have money or no money there are many free tools out there. A teacher is most certainly advisable & definitely useful, but it can be done without and once you begin, most likely at some point on your journey the teacher/ teachings you were looking for will find you. You'll not need much, but what you do need is a bag full of willpower and you'll need to be willing to make mistakes. It's easy to get side tracked, this is where the teacher might come in useful. A library might be a good place to start, but also observe nature, art and yourself, your habits and your default settings.

Nature isn't just passive, nature is also active. Nature changes. Nature reacts. Sometime she even acts with a fierce force. She is the light and the dark. Time to wake up.

It's time for stepping into our superpowers. Recently discovered my feature, which is Elastica from the family film "The Incredibles" she's super bendy and elasticated, she is literally the rubber band that holds the family together whilst she and her husband are also superheroes rescuing the world from destruction.

I am very flexible, not just physically but mentally I can take things as they come, I can work around situations creatively. I always wanted to be flexible. I trained hard to become flexible. Now I'm not so sure about the physical flexibility but I'm grateful to be able to flow through life, even with all that I have had to endure. But I am learning where my boundaries are, being flexible is fine as long as you know when not to be flexible. I think flexibility is most useful in these times of uncertainty. The world upon which we relied to give us all we need, where we have taken way more than we ever needed is not so forgiving any longer. There are more and more natural disasters happening globally and I hope that even the ones who never believed in climate change are beginning to wake up and smell the coffee. Or are they?

If we all just sit feeling useless and avoiding asking questions, avoid doing the research, then I reckon we'll feel more miserable and helpless. It's time to put in some effort together, whatever effort we can spare, whatever our skill set to get this ball rolling. I'm going to get involved in a climate club here in Engelberg, it's scary because I feel like I know so little about it, but I might as well try and do my bit. I will be choreographing with the local kids here a (climate) rescue dance piece, to help bring some awareness to the kids here.

Is there something you are doing in your local community, things that we might not have thought of?

Please send me your ideas, so that I can may be integrate them over here.

I really hope we read her warning signs in time and collectively do something to make her feel heard; from science and innovation to learning about ourselves and our behaviour; teaching our children and friends; small steps, giant leaps in the right direction. Even if it leads to what feels like nothing, at least we can say we have tried our best.

Love Samira x

So much to learn, so little time. She is getting angry. What are we going to do to change?


Currently I'm reading the book

the true cost of cheap meat

By Philip Lymbery


incredible Podcast from Ram Dass, which left me in stitches, so wise, so powerful..


My gift of course is the path of movement and through that movement we end up in stillness, hopefully though ending up slightly more awake, more aware, a litte bit more conscious? I intend to create another online meditation group, where we can come together, reflect, share, journal, dream and awaken each other from our sleep inducing states. This will start towards the end of the Summer, early September, please drop me a line if you are interested.

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