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where we start and where we end

In my class this morning we worked on boundaries...

Physically staying within your boundaries, knowing when you've pushed too hard or when you haven't given enough to your practice, when you were not present to yourself and your precious beautiful body. What feels good and what doesn't?

Emotionally staying within your boundaries, listening to your hearts desires, pursuing your dreams and aspirations, but not a the cost of un-balance. Where am I leaking? Being able to say no when you've given too much.

Mentally staying with your boundaries, not over thinking things, learning to accept yourself as you are, believing in yourself even when mind tells you something else. What can I do and what can't I?

Boundaries we all have them but often we forget to check in with ourselves. We want to give our Self time but we end up running around filling our days with to do's and avoiding doing what we should do, which is most likely un-doing.

"The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely." - Carl Jung

What parts of yourself do you find hard to accept? What are your struggles with yourself? Do you ever question why you are doing what you do? Are you still learning? Are you still seeing the sparkles that life has to offer?

If there are elements you’re struggling with within yourself right now, know that you are not alone.

Some of you may find it easy to sit still, but for most people that is hard.

I really struggled with stillness I found it scary, terrifying, overwhelming and uncomfortable.

The avoidance has been and continues being a big theme in my life. I know I should spend more time un-doing but I just seem to go on autopilot, avoiding feeling.

I long for more time to not do, for time spending by myself but when it comes to it, it can feel uncomfortable and I end up getting the phone in my hand scrolling through instagram feeds without being fully aware that that is what I have done. I'm trying to create more awareness of my mechanical behaviour by creating more meaning in my life. Finding meaning has become my practice, not so much of the yoga these days but movement, dance, meditation and the inner work I began with my teacher Alex, 12 years ago. The work is dense and intense, it requires a willingness to put conscious effort in. It requires you to wake up to who you are in essence and it certainly has been a journey I'm forever grateful for, however hard and uncomfortable it may be, it is so much better than floating through life feeling anxious and over or underwhelmed all the time.

I mostly work through movement to explore stillness. Movement is my medicine and it helps me get to a quiet place within myself. From doing to un-doing. But I also have made a conscious effort to spend more time sitting still, when I feel frazzled and unstable I now know to choose stillness, it requires a lot of effort I must add, seeing my preferred state of being is doing, but I find I get so much from sitting. I am learning more and more about myself. If you would like to have more awareness of yourself, your inner architecture, your inner workings, please join me. I host a once a week Online Meditation Circle via Zoom on a Monday night 20.30-21.30 Central European time (which is 19.30 start in UK).

I would be delighted to have you.

Cost is 15chf but if times are tough for you right now, you can opt to pay in person and enjoy your sessions for free.

With much Love, Peace and Stillness, Samira x

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