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From the unreal to the real

Lead me from the unreal to the real (Upanishad).

Show me the darkness so I can emanate my light.

Lift me out of my sleep producing states, to reveal the layers of my unconscious thoughts.

Let me be quiet and reflective and consider the dis-ease that surrounds me.

Not Covid but the blind eyes. Instead of climbing out of the discomfort let me dig deeper into the darkest layers of the soil, until I get to where none of my eyes have been before. From this place of depth and darkness, opening to all that has been, to all that will become and to all that is. Honouring this truth and recognising it for what it is. Put away but not forgotten.

Let me grasp what has happened and what has changed. So that I can better understand this new truth.

Let my un-doing create a ripple effect, catapulting me into conscious doing.

Standing behind my truthful expression, honouring myself, my tribe, my elders & my teachers. Honouring the ones who went before me, whose wombs my cells took up residence in.

Thank you for these watchful days. For the dis-comfort. For seeing how things truly are.

Thank you.

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