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Hope (& procrastination)

When words alone won't do. With so much information and misinformation in the world I'm finding it increasingly harder to get words out. I've been meaning to write a newsletter for weeks now, but I just feel blocked in writing things, it all seems so meaningless in relation to what is happening in the world right now.

Almost everyday I do my morning pages to get onto paper how I am feeling, what is in my way and where I long to be within myself, what I can do for the world, what I want put out there.

A question that keeps popping up is;

what do I avoid?

I had a conversation with my friend and climate scientist Naomi Sheenan about how we are so brilliant at giving advice to others, being there for our friends, but how it is so much harder to be there for yourself.

Why is that?

Why do we prefer to neglect ourselves and focus on others?

Is it so uncomfortable to look out for ourselves?

To fully take responsibility for our actions and reactions rather than wallow in a puddle of overwhelm.

I struggle with my memory or rather lack of and it is something that I am coming to terms with and so instead of getting upset, I wrote myself a list of things to remember during extraordinary times such as these.

this is what I wrote as a reminder to myself

In order for you to be an inspiration to others you need to start by;

  • Being kind to yourself

  • Give yourself permission to heal; this might even mean becoming more disciplined in taking the time to care for your self

  • Give yourself at least one day off per week to not worry about anything other than your own recovery, remember these are extraordinary times and they require extraordinary amounts of self care, this includes at least one day of resting for all you adrenaline junkies out there...

  • Team up with a friend to inspire each other into action, so that you can feel like you are doing your bit

  • Breathe, a few conscious breaths in the morning and before bed can do wonders for your emotional and mental states

  • Have a laugh and exercise well in accordance to your physical state of being, laughter & exercise help to release endorphins which will help you feel better about yourself

  • Start getting your worries, fears, anxieties and stresses onto paper

  • Follow by writing down your idea's, dreams and inspirations

  • Don't give up - hope

Notice how you are feeling after writing down your feelings.

"Contra Spem Spero"

is a poem from 1890 by one of Ukraine’s most loved poets, Lesya Ukrainka.

Contra Spem Spero translates from Latin as

"Without hope, I hope"

words from my Ukranian friend Natalya Tarasova, with whom I will be hosting an online retreat to help raise money for a dance/yoga studio which has become a refugee centre and home for many Ukrainians who have had to flee their own homes, where they are provided with a bed, food and medical care.

This is a 2 part Online Day Retreat on Saturday 9th of April to enable us to undo & provide you with unique tools to help you to get through difficult times.

Part 1: 9.00 -11.00 CEST // 8-10am BST (UK)

Full body experience through movement, breath work & meditation, helping you to unravel from today's worries & fears.

Part 2: 15.00 - 17.00 CEST // 2-4pm BST (UK)

Grounding exploration of mind-matter & energy; through the ideas of physics & how to apply the concept of being there for yourself before helping others. You will learn self-coaching tools to be your own best support.

We ask for a donation of 50 CHF (500 SEK) for participation. 100% will be donated to a refugee center in Lviv. Here is the story:

Daria Antonenko, an old friend and a yoga colleague from Ukraine, has decided to stay in Ukraine and support people there. She is a part of a group of volunteers who take care of a shelter that hosts 150 refugees from various parts of Ukraine. The shelter is organised by Lviv Yoga and Dance Studio (Lviv Yoga Association). In peaceful times, this was an oasis for movement and personal growth. Today the volunteers have re-furnished 6 yoga rooms and created an oasis for people fleeing the war. Refugees come here to stay, to get medical help, food and clothes. The volunteers have spent almost all their personal funds on various things that are needed for the studio, like heating, paying rent, etc. Now they are asking for financial help.

We have the ambition to gather 5000 CHF to give them support for the rest of the year!


TWINT to Natalya Tarasova +41 78 353 55 77

SWISH to Natalya Tarasova + 46 73 742 88 60

We hope to see you there!

Natalya & Samira

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