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Renewal Retreat June 2020

Thank you for your joyful, openess and willingness to play....⠀

These words came to me after our silent mountain meditation walk...⠀

The question with which we walked was⠀

"Who am I" ⠀

I am like the little stones gently sliding underneath my feet. ⠀

I am like the little flowers that stir in the wind, I'm stirred but my roots are connected. ⠀

I am the wind that blows around me. ⠀

I am fluffy like a cloud hanging out, ready to accomodate.⠀

I am like the sun warm and strong, radiating energy when I can.⠀

I am everywhere and nowhere. ⠀

I also get drawn out through my five senses; pulled out of deep thinking. I want to stay focussed and be present, but it can only last so long. At times I loose track of where I am going. I get caught up in the doing, caught up in my external world. Longing for stillness, but unable to sit still. ⠀

When I am still, I am able to reflect on how things truly are. Being a part of nature. Flowing like the river, eventually ending up in that big reflective lake. Stirred like the little flower in the wind with a storm brewing all around her and the rain hammering down on her head, but remaining rooted regardles. ⠀

with so much gratitude... ⠀

Can't wait for the next one. ⠀

July 3-5th. ⠀


Samira x⠀

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