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Stubborn Stains

I've been listening to some really interesting podcasts of late and it is making me question the way that I think. The things my thoughts consider to be true even if they aren't true at all. Things that my subconscious mind has accumulated and stored into my survival program over the years, things I have been repeatedly telling myself unwillingly and even though in my conscious mind I don't believe those things anymore; the thoughts are still there, like stubborn stains, that are very hard to get rid of. 

So if our main purpose in life is to feel accepted and wholesome, it's worth exploring what is blocking us from feeling so. What is stopping us from feeling at peace with all that we are. Even when we think we are whole and complete, there might be a part in us, that will start the negative self talk the moment things are not so in the flow; the moment something bad happens; the moment we are not present to how things are actually...

So how to get rid of the stains, you hear me wonder? I don't have the exact answer to that yet, but I'm into listening and figuring out more about this deeply underlying level of unwanted noise and exploring why my program has built in this advice that my subconscious survival brain likes the hand out so willingly. What I do know from my own practice with this on-going inner work, is that when I hit the mat or when I take time to sit still, I'm working on re-wiring that tape, so that one day the advice I get from my subconscious matches the advice I get from my conscious mind. 

Consider your masculine & feminine energies within you right now, strong opposing forces the light & the dark.⠀

What do we hide? And why do we hide it?

If our main purpose in life is to feel wholesome than it's worth exploring what is blocking you from feeling at peace with all that you are. ⠀

Tightness in the body often represents a blocked force, a part of you unaccepted but it is a part of you and it might be worth enquiring into those tight spaces invading your body.

Come and Play. Find out what's in the way. See what's stuck and what's flowing and question why.

By going deep into the unconscious you might find the thought patterns that are holding you back.

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