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the unknown

Life is in constant ebb and flow, without the search for subtle balance between the waves, we would never ride this wave called life, we would never get to dance our best dance. We would be stagnant and stuck. We can find new ways, we can remember to remember. We can wake up to the exquisite allure life brings us and can learn to work with her, to cherish that warm embrace as the rays of sun caresses our face.

But the unknown has made its presence in many different ways and how it will impact we don't yet know, but let's remember that the unknown has always been there, we have just forgotten. So used to our stable existence, so used to our life vests.

Our bandage is gone, which has exposed our vulnerability as human beings. It is no bad thing, it is beginning to wake us up. There is still time.

Time enough to make drastic changes, there are changes that will need to be made by those in high up places, but we as individuals can contribute in our own ways. There are many ways that we can stop abusing and taking advantage of nature. We can spend more time with her, for she provides the best mental healthcare there is. She naturally sends us into a state of calm even just admiring her through a screen, though she is best in all her glory, outside, live, her air embracing you to your core.

We can utilise this time to self remember, recollecting that nothing is permanent. Like the waves coming and going, like the leaves on the tree slowly releasing themselves in preparation for winter. From summer warmth to winter cold and all that lies in between the transitions, the journey. Taking it as it comes, when your body or your mind is telling you, you are struggling right now, learn to listen, learn to lean in, rather than reject.

Coming to terms with change is rarely easy, but the more we can open ourselves up to new ideas the easier change will become. One only has to look at children to know how easily they adapt. It's in our nature, yet through our acquired behaviours we've become complacent with our habits, our heads crammed full with stuff, some useful and some utter junk. But how to release and reprogram? It is possible, but it requires a lot of effort and remembering to remember, to take your time. We seem to have filled our brains with so much, that it has left little space for new ways of thinking, so much easier to reject, switch off and or deny.

When things are not flowing for you, know that you are not alone. You are like me and like many others, probably most people, all facing our unique struggles with our selves and with our life. It's ok. Use it as a little gentle reminder to make time for yourself, to not become consumed by your frame of mind, but to step out of the clutter even just for a breath.

You see we are all connected through energy, you can feel that when we do our online sessions, there might be land and sea between us, yet somehow it feels we're all so close, so interconnected, our energy and spirit interlaced, woven together like a giant blanket, cosy and familiar. Learning to accept our mission ahead. Learning to tolerate the not knowing.

Together we learn to listen to the unspoken words, the deepest of feelings & celebrate our beings, un-doing from all the years of habitual behaviours.

Leaning in on the unfamiliar. Leaning into the unknown.


Samira x

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