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Take the weight off your shoulders

retreats to help take the weight off your shoulders
Light & Dark

Consider your masculine & feminine energies within you right now, strong opposing forces the light & the dark.

What do we hide? And why do we hide it?

If our main purpose in life is to feel wholesome than it's worth exploring what is blocking you from feeling at peace with all that you are.

Tightness in the body often represents a blocked force, a part of you unaccepted but it is a part of you and it might be worth enquiring into those tight spaces invading your body.

Perhaps you like carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, but if you don't, if you feel tired about the stories that keep coming up again and again, perhaps you want to come and explore, enquire and embrace your body with me?

I will continue to run small groups and one on one day retreats helping you get some of the weight off your shoulders, starting in November in the Swiss Alps, in Engelberg.

Like all yoga teachers I'm looking to grow my community.

Please do share if you can.

I would love to have you x⠀

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